Our studio is our everything - our workplace, our creative arena as well as our go-to place for every work-related thought.
You tend to build up a connection even with a concrete building when you start spending 80% of your day there, or sometimes
even more. Since the day we started this journey, we have had our ups and downs, laughed at silly jokes and had heated discussions too.
But at the end, everyone in our work family always knew the final goal: delivering top quality products and keeping our customers happy.
And thus at the end, we all cheer when a decision is taken and plan for the next step forward together.

We are proudly Indian.

  • The Super chill apparel

    Getting dressed need not be a complex task anymore. Get one of our tees out from your wardrobe, slip it on and you are done!

  • Pre-shrunk

    Our fabric is pre-shrunk to avoid any mishaps once they reach you. Our t-shirts are and can be worn for years without any risk of shrinking.

  • All Season Comfort

    Our 100% cotton tees keep you comfortable all year long. The fabric is rich in quality and strength.

The Vision

No wonder every business starts with a vision. It is important to have one, because without it you will be lost. Ours was, is and will always be to promote minimalism. It might look like it is a new concept that suddenly cropped up and is reaching places extremely fast, but it is not. Minimalism has always been there in our lives in some or the other way, but we usually ignore it thinking no one notices us if we lead a quiet life.

With Weink, we focus on keeping your wardrobe decluttered. No messy designs and no mixed up or bright colors, because we believe in subtle and elegant fashion that makes you stand out without being loud. As time passes by and as we grow, many things will get added on to our vision list but this is one that will never get off it! So come, witness minimalism our way!

The Approach

Less is no mess! We believe in it religiously and that is how we are able to keep our vision alive. As soon as we welcome a new member in our work family, they are served with the same thought and concept and are expected to follow it.

Once you imbibe it, it becomes a part of you while you are at work and it helps everyone reach the same results. Our approach is to keep it simple, yet come up with something that stands out when you wear our tees!

The Process

It takes time to come up with something new, whether it is a design, a color combination or fabric quality; at least that is what we thought initially. But as we started, we realized it is not that complicated. Things just flow. When you have a vision of providing your customers with something they have never seen or given importance to, you tend to link it all.

The process is everything and includes everything. You start creating a design, add colors to it, the tees are manufactured, designs are printed, the products are packed and there you are! But it is also important to pay attention to your customers while this is all done because you grow only if you improvise time and again and feedback plays an important role. So you see, the process has many parts and each one of them is equally important. If you tend to ignore one, everything falls apart.

Because People Love us

Shadha Shebin

Packaging so good

Hey.. Got my package today and I really have to mention that the packaging so so good, also the product is awesome.

Karan Valecha

Can see myself wearing them a lot!

Just got the T-Shirts today and tried them on.

The fit is great and can see myself wearing em a lot!

Saurabh Toche

I loved them

Ordered t-shirts and I loved them

❤️ Thank you"

Sameer Rodgers

Prints are really cool

I really like the T-shirts that you have and the prints are really cool. The product was good and print was also as per my taste simple n classy..!!

Akshay Singhavi

Loved the stuff of t-shirt

Very nice packing and very nice material. Loved the stuff of t-shirt. Keep same value up always and good luck

Sam Yan

Happy with my purchase

Nice designs and good material.

Worth the price. Happy with my purchase.

Siddharth Rana

Love the quality of your products

Love the quality of your products. I have two T-shirts from weink. The one is White-Joker T-shirt and the other is Black-Dope. Love it. Will continue to shop and buy more T-shirts from weink. Good material. Worth the price and I am very happy with my purchase. Good Luck. Will be looking forward to buy more products.